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i respect. you. this is p.w. news live from berlin the evidence of misconduct in office is overwhelming that's the conclusion reached by the house investigation into u.s. president donald trump we'll go live to our correspondent in washington for the light coming up. as nato turned 70 french president a man who omac wrong. and stands by his warning of brain death that the alliance
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president trump calls the remark nasty language that all but disputes of a shadowy plan to some. and activist credit to avoid crosses the atlantic again by boat with a climate warning she says drastic measures are needed to cut emissions as she prepares to deliver her message to the u.n. climate something. i'm anthony held welcome to the program the u.s. house intelligence committee has released its impeachment report on president donald trump the final verdict on its investigation according to the 300 page document the evidence for and pitching president from for misconduct in office is quite overwhelming the white house to smear the report saying it failed to produce any evidence of wrongdoing finding support formal charges against trump. this
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report chronicles a scheme by the president night states to coerce an ally ukraine that is at war with an adversary russia into doing the pleasure of the president's political dirty work it involves a scheme in which donald trump withheld official acts of white house meeting as well as hundreds of millions of dollars of needed military assistance in order to compel that power to deliver to investigations that he believed would assist his reelection campaign well for more let's cross to washington and correspondent all of a sell it what are the key findings of the democrats' impeachment inquiry report and what we now know well anthony you just heard adam schiff speak so essentially the intelligence committee wrapped up the findings of their hearings that were concluded 2 weeks ago and they say and they say that there was all relevant evidence for president tom's wrongdoing as
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a reminder what the democrats are trying to prove your and the committees is that so-called quid pro quo and that is essentially that president tom withheld military aid. and wanted in exchange investigations into is a political rival joe biden who of course is very likely to be the democratic front runner the democratic presidential candidate in the 2020 election campaign now adam schiff the chairman of the intelligence committee said the president abused his powers for gaining the personal and political again and all of these findings are going to be the foundations for the hearings of the judiciary committee that is going there are going to start on wednesday and with him on what does this now mean for the u.s. president. well trump is calling this
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a sham and he's done so right from the start he's questioning the legitimacy and 5 you also was invited to take part in wednesday's hearing he neglected that of course as simply to not give the you give these hearings that legitimacy 1 the same accounts for the y. tells legal counsel now the republicans issued their role report as an act of defense if you will $123.00 pages and they argue that president trumbull's acting on genuine and reasonable skepticism over ukraine so they're trying to make the case that president is just fighting corruption in ukraine which of course is a interesting argument if you consider that corruption in ukraine should not necessarily be the business of a sitting u.s. president now what that means for trump is unclear at this point it is likely that he will be impeached out of office but the democrats hope that the voters eventual
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he will be will decide on his fate in next year's election but the public until now remains very much divided on the question of impeachment of a sell it in washington many thanks. in london les dissolve nato member states meeting seeking to pipe a over the cracks amid obvious divisions have been traded to i reception hosted by the queen at buckingham palace to mark the 70th anniversary of the advance its founding it follows a very public spat between french president a man woman and us president donald trump and the too late to set down to get an earlier it was somewhat hard to predict how the making would go. would you like. to give. everyone you want. not quite cordial combative tone pervaded the news conference with u.s.
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president donald trump and his french counterpart emanuel marc hong at the nato meeting in london on tuesday trump sharply rebuked mccraw for saying in an interview with the magazine the economist last month that quote what we are currently experiencing is the brain death of nato. it's a very tough statement to make when you have such. fresh you look at what's happened with the press if you look at what's going on during certain parts of this season of the year you just can't go around making statements like that. it's very disrespectful. micron however did not back down. i knew that from my statement we. shake a little bit all people have done. the 2 leaders seem to have differing visions of the role of nato what do you believe they don't want to write and frankly one of
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the benefits really the least is the united states would benefit the way we're helping your. soul this we'd all be on the phone call was made. and. another of the alliances big players german chancellor angela merkel remained upbeat about nato with all of the differences here but of course we'll have to discuss them we have to talk about the future of nato and the strategic partnership i'm fairly optimistic about this meeting mr. optimism alone however it will not be enough to bridge the divide within the alliance. hoffman has been following the summit from london from day he sent us this is this. maiden leaders would have a lot of reasons to squabble here in london there have been many problems multi-layered problems in the last weeks but it almost seems like they've struck
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a truce saying let's not talk about this not right now at least because we're here to celebrate the 70th anniversary of nato but that doesn't mean the truce will hold if you think about it money would not cost the french president's statements about the so-called brain death of nato or about trams repeated criticism of european allies not spending enough on defense or what turkey is doing in northern syria that all gives us reason to question whether this truce will really hold on wednesday the 2nd day of the leaders meeting here in london. next hoffman in london now to some of the other stories making news around the world. democratic senator mcconnell a harris has told supporters that she's ending her bid for the democratic presidential nomination she says she doesn't have the financial resources to continue campaigning 15 contenders still remain in the democratic field with 2 months to go to voting begins in iowa. tough incomer he has hit the philippines leaving at
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least 2 people did torrential rain and winds of more than 150 kilometers an hour brought down trees and electrical posts and forced hundreds of thousands to evacuate and ill is international airport was shut down with hundreds fucks can't. thing is climate activists credit has arrived in the portuguese capital lisbon headed for the un climate summit in the dritte she had been attending climate protests in the united states and made the entire transatlantic crossing by boat had refused to fly back to europe because of the carbon emissions involved. the final moments of the nearly 3 week journey across the atlantic ocean from the united states to lisbon portugal grettir turn bugg look tired and happy to be back on dry land the 16 year old swede said she took the transatlantic voyage by boat to prove a point. i'm not travelling like this because i want everyone to do so i'm
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doing this to sort out some of the messages because it is. easy. thank god it is impossible to live sustainable today and they're saying these become much easier to invoke arrives in europe as the un's cup 25 climate summit is in full swing representatives and delegates from some 200 countries have gathered in madrid spain to try and find a way to reduce the world's emissions of greenhouse gases her rival also coincided with the release of a bleak report from the world meteorological organization predicting that the past decade will most likely be the hottest in recorded history. says many don't realize the power of the popular movement this may be unleashed. i think people are
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andras to making the source of angry kids. to invoke says she'll be meeting with activists in lisbon before making her way to the climate summit on friday. all here in germany or thirties now reportedly believe russian intelligence was involved in the murder of a former chechen rebel commander in berlin. was shot twice in the head as he walked to a mosque in the german capital federal prosecutors are now planning to take over the investigation into his killing from work or thirty's soon after the murder in berlin suspicion arose that the russian intelligence services were involved the victim a georgian national fought in the chechen war against the russian government the suspected killers of 49 year old russian currently in custody reports say germany's federal prosecutor now also suspects the involvement of russian intelligence and is planning to take over the investigation is fine if there's
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a lot of evidence including the fact that the suspect was already wanted for murder in russia then he disappeared before reappearing under a new identity that's one of the key factors here. the murder in berlin could be similar to the poison gas attack carried out in britain on double agent. and his daughter in march 27th seen that prompted many western countries to impose sanctions on russia conservative foreign affairs expert keys of eta says the german government will also need to respond so. should it become clear that indeed russian government agencies were involved in this contract killing we must respond especially with sanctions and we need a coordinated european response as we had in the screen case. the russian government denies any involvement in the murder and has so far refusing to cooperate in the investigation. a bit of sport now and baseball is america's guy
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but it is also loved in latin american countries like venezuela but u.s. sanctions against the venezuelan government have been affecting the sport there now the u.s. reportedly plans to exempt to venezuela's baseball league from those sanctions the reprieve couldn't come at a better time because venezuela usually sees an influx of major league baseball talent fleeing the winter. nights at a baseball stadium a classic past time for many venezuelans but their national league had been under threats in august sanctions imposed by the trump white house block us players from signing for venezuelan change during the off season the decision led to dwindle ing supports an addict in the league's quality since it resumed in november. but. the level of a plate has gone down. and attendance at the stadium has also gone down quite a lot. but it's still an activity that the public enjoys through the environment
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are still good it's nice to come and have a good time but i mean you have a sort of what about the many and they'll be stars the venezuelan league offered an ideal solution during the off season a competitive environment and a chance to stay in shape. always heard about the venezuelan league always wanted to calm down experiences. another situation is pretty. amount here to play baseball i i want to play baseball and i want to come down and play baseball i'm not going to swell as a lot of a lot of great players i want to come to play with the south american nation does have a lot of great players and the best often head north the big money and started one was even world series m.v.p. and switch to 17 now with this exemption fans of players from both nations should be able to see once again cross political goodness and enjoy the sport they love i . feel watching think doubled. news. news africa with my colleague michael
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jr there are more news headlines coming out the top of the hour and don't forget you can always stay up to dive with the latest on our web site. www dot com or following us on twitter at the w news for now the math anyhow and thanks for watching. welcome to the this league here for a decent. place to talk about the. coverage. so you.
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